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At B M Taylor Consulting Group, we are your gateway to 30+ Fortune 500 companies.  We are able to provide top tier customer service solutions because our agents are all certified customer support professionals. Below you will find a brief summary of just a few of the clients. Our clients range from various home services to dream vacation booking. 

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Cable Provider Support

Help keep home entertainment connected for the customers of this client.

Home Warranty Support

The customers of this client need help fixing the issues within their home. Help ensure they're taken care of.

Cruise Line Support

Help the customers of the client plan and book their adventures at sea.

Roadside Asst. Support

Be the one that saves the day during a very stressful time via roadside assistance.

Energy Supplier Support

We rely on energy to power our lives, keep these customers in light with this client.

Sporting Goods Support

The customers of this client love fitness and the outdoors. Keep them active with orders and product assistance.

Telehealth Network Support

Help the customers of this client get connected with doctors and nurses in a prompt professional manner.

Theme Park Support

Help families booked their dream vacations at the best place on earth.

Timeshare Support

Helo the customers of this client plan their relaxation time using their timeshare properties.